Simple RPGLE Program

First RPGLE Program

Create a member "helloworld" in your working source physical file. Give the type of this member as "RPGLE". Now type the following code in the source member.

C     'Hello World' Dsply 
C                   Return

Now compile the module. Create the program and call it as described in the section how to compile and create an RPGLE Program. It Will display the phrase Hello World. like this.

DSPLY  Hello World

That is a basic RPGLE program but you learn several things as discussed below.

  • The C specs is mentioned on the 6th place. Other specifications are also specified at this place only. Other specifications are H, F,D, I and P. (Specifications O and E are RPG specifications)
  • The text Hello world is written at ‘Factor one’ position. i.e at the 12th place. At this place we specify the factor one of any operation code in RPGLE. You will use this factor frequently for declaring keylists of file and defining parameter list.
  • The Op codes in RPGLE. The opcodes are placed at the position starting from 26. In the example above we have used two opcodes dsply and Return.
  • Dsply – This opcode is used to display any text as the output. The program does not stop execution but halts for a small time. When you press the return key. The subsequent statements are executed. This opcode can be used to display a text of maximum 52 length.
  • Return – This opcode is a required keyword. When the program runs this statement, it terminates its execution and returns to the calling program immediately. In the example above the caller is the system as we have called this program from command line, hence the program will end when it executes the return statement.

You can create an RPGLE program in any of the following ways.

Method 1: Direct Program Creation

  • Do a WRKMBRPDM and find the member to be copiled.
  • Enter the option 14 againt the member and press enter.

That’s It. This is the simplest program compilation method. When you compile with option 14, the system determines which command it should use to compile the program.

Method 2:Create Program From Modules

We can create a modular program in two steps.

  • Create RPGLE Modules:- Compile the program to create an RPGLE module. You can compile a source member into an RPGLE module by entering the option 15 against it.

    Alternatively you can create an RPGLE module using the command CRTRPGMOD. To learn the attributes of CRTRPGMOD take an F4 after writing the command on command line. This will list all the parameters which this command takes. After this you can press F1 on each of the parameters to learn what it means.

  • Create Program from Modules:- Once you have created the rpgle module, you need to create the program. To create the RPGLE program use the command CRTPGM. This command creates any program in AS400. You can use this command to create programs from RPGLE, SQLRPGLE, CLLE or any other type of modules. To create the program you specify the modules which you have created for this program (Currently only one). Here again you can take F4 and then F1.

Once your program is created successfully, you can run the program using the CALL command. This command takes the program name and optional entry parameters as input. The syntax of this command is something like CALL programName.